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Thank You, I'm Sorry

Anxiety is the first word sung on Thank You, I'm Sorry's first album. Back then it was just vocalist
Lleen Dow's (they/them) voice and an acoustic, but three years and a full band, another album
and several heart-rending singles later it's still on their mind. Anxiety never really goes away, but
you can learn to cope and how to enjoy everything else. The respites, the joy, the excitement
when anxiety takes a backseat. Thank You, I'm Sorry is growing, learning, indulging,
experimenting and figuring it out. Together.

Thank You, I'm Sorry came together as a band to flesh out quiet, lonely songs Lleen built on
their own and they haven't stopped exploring and expanding their sound since. Bee Schreiner's
(they/them) basslines effortlessly pull songs forward, knowing just when to nudge the band and
avoid getting caught in an anxiety spiral. The drums from Sage Livergood (they/them) really
bring everything together, constantly keeping pace while poking out into fills that feel like they
could shatter apart at any moment, and always finding their way back. Abe Anderson (he/him)
and Lleen's guitar lines intertwine and bounce, refusing to sit still anywhere long enough to get
bored. Thank You, I'm Sorry come together to make a bunch of parts that feel impossible to pin
down or coalesce into something beautiful and catchy that will bounce around your head for

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